Get More Direct Bookings.

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple marketing tools and being at the mercy of the OTA's. Our all-in-one direct booking platform streamlines your marketing efforts and makes your life as a short term rental host a you get what all STR hosts and managers want...more direct bookings. With our powerful features, you'll be able to boost your direct booking rates and increase your revenue in no time. Don't settle for less - make the switch to our marketing platform today.

Unleash Your Potential with the Power of "The Core Four!"

Landing Pages

Supercharge Your Bookings with High-Impact Landing Pages and Multi-Step Funnels! Showcase your property like never before and boost your bookings to new heights.

Email Marketing

Never let your audience forget you with our powerful email marketing tools. Enjoy the freedom of unlimited contacts and take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Social Media Management

Easily manage, schedule, and post to all your favorite platforms - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Twitter, and Tiktok. Say goodbye to juggling multiple logins and tabs, and hello to more time for what really matters.

Text Message Marketing

Experience the convenience of managing all of your text message marketing in one place with our powerful new tool. Empower your team to take control of your messaging strategy and connect with customers like never before.

MarketMy2Doors meets

Short-Term Gems

The Short-Term Gems Team, in collaboration with MarketMy2Doors, is proud to introduce the premier all-inclusive marketing platform tailored for the STR & MTR industry.

Under the expert guidance of marketing gurus and seasoned STR & MTR investors, Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh and Bill Faeth, we bring a wealth of experience to the table.

Dr. Rachel, hailing from Haiti and raised in Miami, overcame significant challenges through her strategic investments in the AirBNB STR & MTR market. Today, she is an influential figure, managing 18 luxury STR/MTR rentals, while also dedicating herself as a wife, mother, and real estate coach. Her journey to financial freedom and her role in inspiring professionals towards lifestyle real estate investing and building multiple multi-million dollar businesses has even been featured on Netflix.

On the other hand, Bill Faeth, with his entrepreneurial prowess, has successfully built two companies valued at over $10 million each, leveraging the award-winning HubSpot platform.

Together, Rachel and Bill understand the nuances and challenges of the STR & MTR industry, making them the perfect mentors for those looking to thrive in this dynamic market.

Our platform is designed as a comprehensive solution to meet all your marketing needs, making it accessible for hosts at every level. Say goodbye to piecemeal marketing efforts and welcome a new era of STR & MTR marketing excellence. Join us on this journey to redefine success in STR & MTR marketing.

The Core Four

Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned host looking to expand your portfolio, our platform offers a comprehensive set of communication tools to help you stay connected with your guests. From custom landing pages to text message, email, and social media marketing, we provide the software you need to elevate your short term rental business. Let us help you streamline your operations and enhance your guest's experience today.

Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder

With this feature, hosts can easily create customized landing pages and funnels to drive more traffic and leads to their rentals. Our intuitive interface allows users to effortlessly drag and drop various elements onto their page, including text, images, videos, and forms, to create a visually appealing and engaging experience for their audience. This feature enables hosts to quickly and easily create effective marketing campaigns without requiring any coding or technical expertise, making it the perfect solution for hosts of all levels looking to maximize their online presence.

Advanced Email Marketing

The platform includes an advanced email marketing feature that enables users to create and send professional-grade emails to their subscribers. With this feature, users can easily segment their email lists based on customer behavior, demographics, and other criteria, ensuring that their messages are delivered to the right people at the right time. Users can also customize their email templates with our drag-and-drop editor, allowing easy personalization of messages and branding. Our platform provides detailed analytics, such as open and click-through rates, to help users understand the effectiveness of their email campaigns and optimize their future efforts. With our email marketing feature, users can build stronger relationships with their customers, drive more bookings and revenue, and grow their short term rental business with ease.

Social Media Management

With this feature, users can schedule and publish content across all their social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more, from a single dashboard. Users can also engage with their followers, monitor their brand reputation, and track their social media performance with advanced analytics and reporting tools. Our platform also offers content suggestions and customizable templates, enabling users to create engaging and shareable content that resonates with their target audience. With our social media management feature, users can efficiently manage their social media presence, increase their reach and engagement, and ultimately drive more bookings and revenue for their short term rental business.

SMS Text messaging

Our SMS text marketing feature gives short term rental hosts the power to stay connected with their guests on-the-go! With this incredible tool, they can easily create custom campaigns and schedule messages tailored specifically for each of their subscribers. Plus, our automated response system helps users engage effectively while delivering relevant content that keeps them informed—ultimately increasing bookings & revenue growth as well (subject to A2P 10DLC Registration)!


Do you offer a guarantee?

YES! We offer a best price guarantee (if you see a better price EVER, simply take a screenshot and send it to us. We'll change your price to the better price...forever! Also, our services come with a 14-day free trial and no long-term commitments. No contracts. You can cancel anytime with ease.

Can I watch a demo?

Yes! Here is a link to our demos page:

How does it work?

  1. Pick your plan so that you can market your STR and/or MTR and get more direct bookings!

  2. Take advantage of our 14-Day "cancel anytime" Free Trial so there's no risk to you!

  3. Follow our FREE DIY onboarding course with over 30 videos so that you can get up and running fast!

  4. OR select "white glove" onboarding so that you don't have to do the work yourself! We'll help you get everything set up AND help you get your 1st property landing page up!

  5. Take advantage of our many free support options including email, 60+ tutorial videos, live daily office hours, text based support, and dedicated one-on-one affordable paid support options so that you get help when you need it!

  6. Tackle the first four core features so that you gain confidence and don't get frustrated or overwhelmed. Get your first landing page up. Add your email list and send your first email. Connect your social media accounts and publish your first post so that you can save time and manage them all inside our platform. Share your new communication channels with everyone so you can manage your conversations (text, social media, phone, email, etc all in one place!

What's your story?

The team behind Market My 2 Doors, including Rachel, Bill, and Scott, has been pioneering the development of successful online businesses for some time. In 2023, this dynamic trio embarked on a journey alongside a talented software developer to innovate and create a groundbreaking all-in-one marketing platform. This platform was designed with a keen understanding of the short-term and mid-term rental (STR & MTR) market, thanks to the diverse backgrounds and expertise of the team members.

Rachel brought her vast experience in the STR & MTR investment field, managing a portfolio of luxury rentals and empowering professionals to achieve financial independence through real estate investing. Her insight into the real estate market added a critical dimension to the platform, ensuring it met the nuanced needs of property investors and hosts.

Bill, with his deep knowledge of software and marketing, having been one of HubSpot's earliest customers, brought a strategic approach to digital marketing and customer relationship management. His expertise was instrumental in shaping the platform's marketing capabilities, making it a powerful tool for STR & MTR investors looking to maximize their online presence and booking rates.

Scott, whose background in software development and history of powering coaching and mentoring programs, provided the technical prowess needed to bring the platform to life. His ability to translate the team's vision into a functional, user-friendly tool meant that Market My 2 Doors could offer unparalleled service to its users.

Together, Rachel, Bill, and Scott created a synergy that propelled Market My 2 Doors to the forefront of marketing solutions for the STR & MTR industry. Their collaborative effort resulted in a platform that is not only technically advanced but also deeply attuned to the needs of its users, making it a pivotal tool for anyone looking to succeed in the competitive world of real estate investment.

How much does it cost?

We offer three different plans to fit your needs and budget. For pricing information, simply visit the pricing section of this page.

How do I get help when I need it?

We know that getting started with a new platform can be overwhelming. That's why we offer the best support options available! They include white-glove onboarding and a free DIY onboarding course that breaks everything down into the basics. With this super-easy course, you can be up and running within 24 hours - all by yourself!

But that's not all. We offer 24/7 live chat support, live zoom support, 60+ training videos, and 24 hour email support. Have a more complex task? No problem! For a small fee, our expert support team will not only guide you through but complete tasks for you, such as uploading and formatting lists or building landing pages - all with your images and text.

Don't waste any more time struggling to get started. Let us take the reins and help you succeed!

What if I don't want to set it up myself?

Get ready for a smooth and hassle-free account setup with our White Glove Onboarding option. Our team of experts will guide you through every step of the process, taking care of everything you need to ensure that your account is up and running flawlessly. Simply select this option at checkout. Don't settle for anything less than the best—choose our White Glove Onboarding today! Price: $250 | Length: 60 minutes

Is pricing per property/unit or company wide?

Pricing is in 3 tiers (Host: 1-3 properties; SuperHost: 4-10 properties; Next Level: 11-20 properties. All current and future features are included in every plan.

Does MarketMy2Doors connect to the OTAs (AirBNB or VRBO)?

Yes...If you use a property management system (that has an "embeddable" booking widget like OwnerRez, Guesty, Hospitable, etc) we can easily integrate/sync these platforms via Zapier. We also integrate well with StayFi.

Let's do a cost comparison...

Here's What People Are Saying...

"My White Glove Onboarding experience exceeded my expectations. Scott and his team are so knowledgeable and quick. I can't image how long it would have taken me to do what they did in 2 hours. They explained everything and made it easy to understand. They focused on my personal needs and they provide multiple ways to contact them should I need additional help. This solution is incredible and Scott and the team are Top Notch!!!"

- Jessy C.

- Jose C.

"Amazingly well, Franzine is the best!! super patient and kind and exactly the demeanor I need to not get overwhelmed/ give up (I am not a tech person)Outstanding WGO TodosIt can get overwhelming seeing the platform and thinking "oh shit this is way too complicated" maybe if you could break down to simple layman terms what this is used for / basic capabilities so those of us without tech backgrounds don't get overwhelmed? thank you!"

- Ashley P.

"I think Jen is great so far. She is able to help me with my questions and seems to really want to help me succeed in my short term rental journey."

- Candace M.

"Exceptional Onboarding Experience with MarketmySTR rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I recently had the pleasure of going through the onboarding process with MarketmySTR, and I must say, it was a truly outstanding experience. From start to finish, the team, including Jen, Romeo, Scott, and everyone else involved, was nothing short of amazing. Despite encountering some unexpected technical difficulties that caused a delay in the process, the team at MarketmySTR handled the situation with utmost professionalism and patience. They went above and beyond to assist me in resolving the issues promptly, ensuring a smooth transition throughout the onboarding process. What truly impressed me was the level of support and guidance provided by the entire team. Jen and Romeo were particularly outstanding, offering their expertise and knowledge to lay down solid groundwork for marketing my vacation rentals and driving direct bookings. Their dedication and commitment to my success were evident in every interaction. I am now filled with excitement as I embark on this journey, armed with the invaluable strategies and tools provided by MarketmySTR."

- Ginni G.

"Jen has been fabulous! She knows her way around the system and has the resources to tap into when new amazing features are introduced. She'll quickly pull them into the meeting/conversation and follows up promptly and reliably."

- Anthony R.

Stop Being Controlled By The OTA's and Start Driving More Direct Bookings!

Let's find a plan that works for you

Explore pricing options for you and your STR business.




SAVE 70%!

SAVE $3,336...every year!

  • All account features -up to 3 properties





SAVE 63%!

SAVE $4,536...every year!

  • All account features - 4 to 10 properties

  • "CoHosting in a Box" Strategy





SAVE 58%!

SAVE $6,000...every year!

  • All account features - 11 to 20 properties

  • Have more than 20 properties? Contact us for more information.

no contract. cancel anytime. 14-day free trial

Account Features

  • Forever price!

  • Unlimited contacts

  • Unlimited landing pages for each property

  • Unlimited hosted media

  • Unlimited email marketing

  • Unlimited social media planner

  • SMS marketing platform

  • 24/7 live support

  • Zapier integration with StayFi

  • PMS integrations including OwnerRez, Hospitable, and Guesty.

  • Mobile App

  • 100's of pre-built templates

  • Reputation management

  • GMB call tracking

  • Missed call text back

  • Unlimited tags and smart-lists

  • Unlimited custom fields and custom values

  • Conversations hub

  • Forms & Surveys

  • Email and text message marketing templates

  • Google and Facebook Ads reporting and analytics

  • Website hosting

  • Workflows and Automations

  • Blogging

  • Trigger links

  • Platform stats and reporting

  • Unlimited Calendars

  • Unlimited Opportunity pipelines


*Subject to A2P 10DLC registration. HOST account comes with $5 per month in complimentary phone, text, and email credits. SUPER HOST and Next level accounts come with $10 per month in complimentary phone, text, and email credits. After complimentary credits are achieved, phone calls are billed at $0.021 per minute, texts are billed at $0.0119 per segment (160 characters), and emails are billed at $0.001. There is no charge for sending emails directly (via Gmail) but you will need to be careful about the number of emails you send per day (See Google Workspace Support page for assistance).. Sales tax laws vary by state. Your subscription may be subject to sales tax.

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